Welcome To Sharif Exchange

Information: Sharif exchange is a full service money exchange company that we introduced into the market way back a

couple of years back with the aim of providing a fast and reliable money exchange or to be more precise

any currency exchange to our clients in the smartest way possible in the field today. We began small and

have grown into one of the biggest exchange my money company in areas around Montreal, Laval,

Terrebonne, Blainville and St. Jerome. We have done change my money services or transactions for quite a

large number of clients, and they are so happy for all the services we have done. As a major company in the

market, we are very proud of the services that we offer most of which are essential for the growth of the

economy locally and ultimately, globally. We always look forward to creating a perfect relationship with our

valued customers to help better the mutual interest between us and our clients. For foreign money

exchange transactions, we have put in place employees who can easily understand our client's needs and

work perfectly to satisfy them. We have been offering these services for quite a while, and we have never

had any major complaint from our clients since we always ensure satisfaction. At Sharif exchange, we

ensure the best rates in the market, and we always update the rates by the minute throughout the day to

ensure market volatility and liquidity. This can always be changed without prior notice to our client's

unless, the prospective client books in advance. Restrictions may apply, and the information is relayed in

store or by phone. We have some of the best workers in the industry, and we always guarantee customer

satisfaction and also maintain respect to all customers. Our employees are trained to deliver the services

promised. We always encourage registration for all transactions with details of your full name, address, and

telephone number, and if by chance the transaction may exceed$3,000 Canadian dollars, you are required

to provide a valid identification. We also encourage membership cards to our clients for faster, more

streamlined services.

If you are in search of a money exchange company that is caring and keeps its promises, then you should

look no further than us. We are dedicated, and we never go against your expectation. We look forward to

seeing a client's dreams come true. Learn More

Service Areas:

  • Montreal
  • Laval
  • Terbonne
  • Blainville
  • St Jerome