Change My Money

St Jerome, QC

Exchange my money kind of transaction is taking the banking sector globally by storm as it also encourages

good international relations and more interaction with the business world today. This is essential in the

growth of the larger global economy.

Article 5: Where to change my money

In the world today, the process of change my money has grown to become an easy task over the years.

However, the process of changing foreign money requires effort. This could be so in remote locations

where advancement of technology is a little bit slow or rare. There are several ways to change money from

one currency to the other.

• ATMs

A large number of ATMs operate on international standards and hence, it could be easy to

withdraw money from a locally based bank ATM and convert the currency to the local or desired

currency needed at the time. Most banks will charge a small fee for this. Even so, the foreign

exchange rates for using such services are usually very low and reasonable. It is always advisable to

check with the banks foreign change my money rates before leaving the country to go to other

countries where the same ATMs exist, the policies may vary from time to time. This is because

some banks may have a security put in place to block all foreign transactions unless the bank is duly

notified that the prospective customer will be in a foreign country at a given timeline.


Change my money for foreign money exchange was exchange kiosks before the ATMs came into

being. They still exist to date in some banks. They operate with posted buy and sell rates based on

the prevailing foreign exchange rates acquired from the financial news. The advantage is they are

constantly adjusted to suit the observer's profit interest. Compared to the rates offered by ATMs,

the exchange kiosks are unfavorable to the dealer in question.

Despite their unfavorable conditions, these kiosks help in converting cash or traveler's checks to

the desirable currency needed. They help cover in remote areas that do not have the technological

abilities to have ATMs or rather areas that ATMs are overwhelmed by prospective customers.

• Banks

In countries where tourists always come in and out in huge numbers across borders, the banks

provide the change my money services to them. However, this process is barely done anymore due

to the presence of the many ATMs in these banks.